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LaTonya Staubs, also known as LaTonya Yvette, was born in Brooklyn, New York with three brothers and one sister. It is the same place she now calls home with her daughter, River, son Oak, and her husband Peter. She began her career as a stylist, where she often helped women and new mothers dress for their changing bodies and roles. LaTonya attended college for a BA in writing and literature, and later left to focus on motherhood and forge a path between her expanding worlds and roles.

This blog, initially a way to document the coming and goings of a new young mother, has grown along with her family. Currently, they spend their days running around the city, while working on various projects and sharing thoughts (possibly too many) on womanhood, motherhood, parenthood, marriage, New York City, style, joys, and so much more.

This space is one in which they truly love to share and connect with you, the reader. We are so happy you've found yourself here--thank you!

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Sarah Ann Noel | Editor 
Sarah Noel married into a family where she became the fourth Sarah Noel, so in the interest of originality, Sarah Ann Noel it shall be. She is a wife, a mother, and a prodigious over-thinker, fueled by superfluous amounts of caffeine. She likes to color coordinate her books and leave her hair messy. She is working on her first book. 

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