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What's That Playing In The Background?

posted on: May 18, 2018

 Music is a constant around here. Is it the same at your house?  The truth is, from the moment we wake up, until we lay down, the kids and I have music on. Music has this way of creating a mood or shifting the mood. It's become this sort of freedom to truly be in our home, while helping to tune out the excess noise that crawls in from the city when necessary.

Here are just a few songs I have listened to this week:

Leon Bridges, Good Thing

Whitney Houston, "My Love Is Your Love"

Corinne Bailey Rae, "Call Me When You Get This"

Alabama Shakes,  "Sound and Color"

Other music posts for you right here, here, and here.  Please add a song you've listened to and loved so I can too!

Have a beautiful weekend and do a little dance for me, will ya?

(Photo of Maya Angelou)


  1. Eye adaba -Asa , esperanza spalding- Precious, Alina Baraz -Can I, Affairs of the heart- Damian marley, Chronixx- I can,

  2. Xavier Rudd, follow the sun. I haven't worked out how to link to it. it is a song that gets me going and lifts my spirits. Lors

    1. Ill look it up, thank you so much for sending.