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My Book (A Video!)

posted on: March 29, 2018

We shot this little video the day after I handed in my book, for no other reason then to start documenting. This book has been an amazing escape from everything else, but it has been hard. I can't and won't romanticize that. The work I put in to this over the last two years has been some of the most fulfilling work. "You don't write a book because you want to be rich," a friend told me a year ago. That is 100% true, you write it because you believe. I've held on to the stories I'm sharing and what they mean, no matter how tough the process was. I am so happy to have sent in my chapters, and I am even more excited to have it come to life. I'll share the name and more on it soon, but for now, a little silly bts video.



  1. Congratulations! What an accomplishment, what a proud moment. Good on you for documenting the end (or is this just the beginning?!).

    1. Hi Katherine!

      I know, I feel like it's the beginning!


  2. What a beautiful soul, can't wait to purchase your book!!!

  3. Really looking forward to your book! Congratulations! I'm sure it will be a great success!