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In Defense Of Sunday At Home

posted on: March 27, 2018

My sister, Brittany, made an observation the other day, "You stay home so much more," she said in the middle of our Sunday conversation. And she was right, it was a simple but sweet observation, because I've felt that overall shift in our routine. I've always loved our apartments, but lately, the chaos of a Sunday at home is something I look forward to settling in. There's music, toys, piles of laundry, too much tv, a run to the grocery store, the rotating clang of the backyard gate, the scent of palo Santo burning in the living room, and lemon essential oil diffusing in the kids' room. 

Here are a few photos I snapped of Sunday's wonderful chaos  if you'd like to see..

 Oak's pillow fighting skills. P.S my rug

Hanging laundry, a weird scene that makes me happy.

 Bodega tulips. A follower said that I should drop a penny in the water for the drooping. Does this work?

What does Sunday look like for you? 


  1. Love the candor and honesty of your posts. <3

  2. Sundays look like Bedside Baptist, brunch, laundry and quality time with my little dogs :)


  3. I don't know if the penny trick works but I always do it ;)

  4. New to your blog, but I'm loving it. Pictures are amazing and your writing strikes home with me. Thank you