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Experimenting With My Fall Layering

posted on: September 7, 2017

The air sort of shifted this week. Mornings were cool. Evenings even cooler. I went from wanting to wear sleeve-less everything, to grabbing my denim jacket. It is the routine that I know to be true in New York. Days are hot and the sun is blazing, but mornings and evenings sometimes leave little imagination. While a host of my friends love the promise of summer clothes... rather the lack of–my heart belongs to fall layering.

In lieu of grabbing my well-worn denim jacket or my grandmother's tweed blazer, I'm considering bringing the intimate out. Remember when lingerie tops were a thing? Then not. Then full silk lingerie dresses came back this summer. Soft pattered robes have that same promise.

The other day, I wore mine with rough old Levis and a t-shirt to contrast the feminine nature. All too soon, fall will slip away and we will be in the trenches of winter. If you ask me, fall is a season worth experimenting.

If your interested my robe is from Upstate x Josie Natori.

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  1. I love this photo, you look so Peaceful. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love NY and appreciate you sharing all the wonderful things about such a fabulous city.

  2. I love summer, but when it comes to clothes I'm a plain jane in the summertime. Fall is my favorite because I love scarves, and sweaters! Your a lot thinner than me so you can layer more, and it looks great when you do!