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A Summer Playlist

posted on: July 20, 2017

What music are you listening to this summer? I'm a big fan of 90's R&B hits coupled with Brooklyn stoop hangs. Music is a big part of my creative process and my everyday routine, so it's always good to have a general sense of how I'm feeling with music as the seasons change.

So many of you loved my fall playlist, so here's a summer one if you're looking to add new music to your hot and steamy days.

I would love to know what songs are in your summer rotation?

(Photo by Nicole Gonzalez)


  1. Trombone Shorty, "Here Come The Girls." I lived in New Orleans last year and miss it something fierce - this song screams second line parades and sounds like summer to me! Thanks for the list - I'm always looking for music recs :)

  2. Love this playlist! (I don't have spotify so I copied it in Tidal if you don't mind, it links back here.)

    Little Jackie and Lizzo have been in heavy rotation for me, it's been a summer of change and they make great anthems for that.

  3. Hi LaTonya! My friend just released these two songs and I can't stop listening - they are the perfect summer songs. Enjoy!