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My 4 Step Curl Routine

posted on: May 2, 2017

Many of you have been asking about the particular style I've been wearing lately. Truth be told, I've just been taking more time to give my hair attention, and it shows. Lately it's softer, bouncier, and falling out less. This particular style is a bantu-knot out. I usually do a bantu-knot Sunday evenings around 7:30 pm after I co-wash and blow it out a little. 

 If you're interested, here are four simple steps to achieve this curl:

1. Unwrap the knots. I rub a little coconut oil on my finger-tips and unwrap the knots. I do this before I do anything else, just in case my hair is still a little wet. That way, it can dry while I am doing my morning routine. 

2. Pull, separate and curl around. I gently pull each knot out, stretching it a bit. After I pull it out, I separate my hair to my desired thickness. While separating, I twist my hair around my finger, making the curl pattern more obvious. 

3. Pick out the roots. I love big hair, so this step is my favorite. I part my hair with my oiled hands and use my pick  to fluff up my roots. I try to be gentle with this step as I don't want to pick out my curls. I go around my head as needed. I normally like my front roots picked out the least. 

4. Shake it out. Now it's time to drop the pick and use your hands. Shake out your curls to your desired style. Don't run your fingers through, you don't want to lose your curls. 


P.S To refresh my curls a bit, I turn the hot water on in my bathroom and hang out a bit to let them steam through. The result: Bigger, softer, and bouncier hair.


  1. Thanks for sharing your routine. I have a question: do you do this every night?

    1. No, only Sunday nights. If I want to keep the curls tight, I'll just do large two-strand twists or just a silk cap.

  2. Yay finally I can ask you about what products you use. I do the same thing as far as twisting and using a pick but if you could see my hair right now I have a little curl. Overall Its sticking straight up and I had to braid from the sides lol. I'm thinking maybe I'm twisting it the wrong way. Anyway I love your hair and my 4b/c mixture needs jesus lol

    1. Hey! I think you may be twisting it the wrong way. In the past, mine has stood up because twisting in the wrong direction. Hope that helps!


    2. Ah! Thanks so much indeed I think I am too so I will try the other way as we speak. Lol happy weekend.

  3. This is really pretty. Have you thought about getting back on YouTube?