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Weird Monday Habits

posted on: April 3, 2017

I am weirdly obsessed with the flow of the lives of others. I love the nuances of routines and how they do or don't make it work. So much so that I often dive right into the topic when someone shares a bit of themselves with me. Part of it is being generally intrigued, and there's another part of me that finds it inspirational.

I yearn to know more about how a Monday may work for someone, more than any other day of the week. For some reason, a Monday routine seems more fascinating.

I shared a bit of my Monday on instagram this morning, but what I didn't share was that I also..

+  worked for a few hours from a cafe and ordered my usual.

+ I probably had too much coffee

+ At one point, I came home and got mildly obsessed with organizing the kitchen cabinets while listening to a favorite episode.

+ I ate an egg-white, spinach, and cheddar omelet on a whole wheat bagel for lunch. On a bench. It was quiet and glorious and felt special.

+ Started re-reading this book with my morning coffee

Any weird Monday routines and habits you may have? 


  1. Interesting book.

    Oversleeping seems to be part of my Monday routine.

  2. I must look into that book. Also who can say no to coffee and that yummy omelette. Sounds like the sandwich I eat at Au bon pain. Mondays and Tuesdays are a toss up for me. From meetings to which job will be worked that day. I also drink my bulk of coffee these two days lol. But yeah, I seem not to want to do anything but my commute which goes from the car to the train. Or I fight traffic park in my monthly parking space and run to catch the train or bus. I have decided for my coffee blog to visit a new coffeehouse each week. Take pictures, write about it. Since its by weekly I thought I had enough time in my day. I lied. lol If i did why am I trying to figure out what to do with a combed out twist out? Headband it is!

  3. Love this post! I'm always curious about folks' daily routines and rituals too, especially the weird, in-between moments when we're a bit untethered and floating and finding our way. Mondays are a bit intuitive & puttery for me (is that a word?). I spend most of the morning writing lists & notes for the week and getting myself grounded and into a flow, probably drinking too much coffee, and putting my nervous, restless energy into laundry or some other physical task that gives concrete satisfaction of a job well done. I tend not to schedule clients or meetings on Mondays so I can give myself the space to move through whatever's there at the start of the week. Thanks for reminding me about that book! Been meaning to read :)

  4. Have you ever read the http://www.extraordinaryroutines.com
    Its one of my favourites!

    I don't know that any of my habits are weird but I do love a routine .. especially on a Monday to get the week started right.
    Im lucky enough to live at the beach (here in Australia) so Monday mornings once I walk the kids to school I always have a beach walk and it doesn't matter if it is summer or winter that salty air fixes most things, then coffee, then I walk home via the newsagent where I often grab a magazine and enjoy it at home with a yummy lunch.
    Only then can I deal with all of the grocery shopping, clothes washing, getting ready for after school sport stuff.