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A Home Cure For The Winter Blues

posted on: January 12, 2017

If there's one cure to the winter time blues, it's a change of scenery. While I type this, I sit on a little deck in Florida with the sun beating on my shoulder. But I'm not necessarily talking about taking flight. Rather, this conversation leans towards your home.

You've probably heard design experts rave that a small space needs white walls and little contrasting furniture. They'll tell you to layer in textures and books and art. And while I agree in all the layering needs if it so fits, I have to respectfully disagree with boxing yourself in the realm of white only. Yes, white walls do have the ability to open a space up, but there's something about the character that a bit of color on a wall or two brings to a home.

As an early cure to winter I bought a gallon of paint and went to work on our living room walls. And though we ended up changing around the entire apartment in the process, I could have very well stopped at the wall.

A few before and after pictures below if you'd like to see...

This green wall. It was hilarious and weird, and I loved it until I couldn't stand it. We got rid of our beloved couch after too much wear and tear, and this beauty kind of came into our lives in a magical way. More of that story soon. 
And here it is after. We've still got things to hang and layers to add to boost character. But for now, I'm loving the instant pick-me-up a color change brings to a space in the winter.

Any home design tricks of your own to help with winter?

P.S After reading the survey responses, a lot of you have problems commenting or looking back at older posts on this format. While we can't change it immediately, I think the click-through on longer posts or posts with large images, will help with navigating. Let me know your thoughts!xo

(Top photo via Design Sponge)


  1. YAY home stuff! my favorite kinda stuff !

  2. Oh my gosh that couch is gorgeous. Love the color.

    1. Thank you! There's a story with it. I'll share soon.

  3. Replies
    1. Still coming together, it's a funny little thing.