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Style: A Beach Day For One

posted on: July 13, 2016

This summer, I'm doing the impossible, I'm dedicating a few beach days... for myself. I have been trying to find ways to treat myself other than a morning run, or a night out with girlfriends, and I think an afternoon or two at the beach while the kids are in camp is the perfect solution.

A few things that I'm bringing along below...

+ A bathing suit. I will wear a two piece in a heart beat, but this one piece is striking and incredibly comfortable.

+ A good read. Because I also want to dedicate more time to reading and I always say I will. Yet, I always run out of time.

+ A fun pair of Birkenstocks. Because I've jumped off the cliff. Yes, you read that right. I will wear them loud and proud and probably too often. Watch out world!

+ Sunnies. 

+ Fujifilm Mini. Because I will not bring my phone. So film it is.

+ A market tote for carrying all of the above.

Top Image from Gia Coppola's collection with Everlane. I also plan on purchasing this romper

What does your perfect beach day look like? 


  1. Wish i could do that too! Great style. Hqd one beach day so far, breastfeeding my youngest and watching his sisters.