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Our Spring Plans

posted on: April 12, 2016

The other day while driving, Peter and I discussed sport cars and trips and other things that don't require kids and extra plane tickets or much parenting responsibility. We dived into what spring break may look like for us one day in the future. And while that is all fine and beautiful, spring right now consists of New York City. We're obeying to all the ads that tell us to go out and re-explore. We're good at that.

In partnership with Old Navy, I wanted to share just a few things we have on our list to do this spring!

On our immediate list of local places to visit this spring:
The Orchid Show (ends 4.17.16)
Earth Day in Union Square

Whether it's 70 degrees or 50 degrees, part of the fun of spring is getting dressed! Old Navy has sweet finds for parents and kids. I personally love layering dresses over jeans, for a more flowy feel. But for a chic and form fitting bohemian vibe, a pair of fitted and flared jeans and an old tee will do. This army jacket was the perfect layer for a chilly spring morning. But wearing it over a lace dress and sandals when it warms up will be even more enjoyable.
Bucket hats are all the rage this season. It reminds me of every old 90s image I have of New York; and whether it can be pulled off for a 70s vibe is still undecided, but I do love the challenge. And a pair of skippies for Oak and me.

A few other spring accessories for your adventures:
a mini bag for carrying barely nothing
a tote bag for carrying everything
And a necessary accessory for long days

Okay, do you have any spring plans? Staying local?

(This post is in partnership with Old Navy. Thank you for supporting our partners.)


  1. FYI it's "orchid" not "orchard" and the show is only open through this Sunday, April 17.

    1. Yes! Thanks for the correction. And I know about end dates. I'll note that. xoxo

  2. Since I'm so busy and can't make it home until the summer (Bronx) I am here in DC so I stare at the cherry blossoms down at the national mall when I make myself take a day off and don't want to be stuck in the house all day. Oh and push my cat in her per stroller. Lol yes I said cat. I adore these pictures ! And bucket hats ha I have one from opening ceremony. I just wanted to get a rainproof one and feel that's 90s vibe.

    1. You know, I've never visited the cherry blossoms in DC. I think we will just have to take a trip the first week of May. It's been on the list long enough.