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Motherhood: New Life

posted on: April 11, 2016

My kids see everything new. 

Like most children, for mine, there is magic in every corner and each nook leads to even bigger discoveries. In the mornings, every day, at each hour, new life unfolds for them. And even when mine own eyes get weary, seeing life through their eyes transforms my soul.
We've discovered countless gardens, a number of times; and each time, these two act as if the dirt is new. Yesterday, as they explored, I walked behind them, watching and snapping photos when I could. I delighted in seeing the dirt dust up when they fell on their bottoms and the leaves crackle under their stumbling feet. Oak smelled flowers and River spelled the colors of each one.
They learned many lessons in yesterday’s hour in the garden; but the most important was for me: There is always new life, growing in-front of our faces, rumbling under the beaten dirt. Even in the middle of the city, on a windy afternoon, with dogs barking and trucks honking in the background, new life is there, waiting to be discovered.


  1. I love your beautiful stories.

  2. Cheers to new discoveries and open minds! Happy findings!