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Have A Great Weekend

posted on: April 1, 2016

Well, wasn't that a fast week? I woke up today thinking it was Thursday. So crazy. I'm excited about a fun weekend with the kids. Peter is working, so the kids and I will probably park hop, eat ice cream, and most importantly, visit the farmers market. Do you have any special plans?

Some fun things from this week:
- My interview with Skye for Double Or Nothing
- I am loving the photography and styling in Nico Nico's newest editorial. That pink sofa! Someone bring me a pink sofa!
- I shared how my skin is recovering this spring.
- Some instagram journals on motherhood here and here.  
- Sweet spring espadrilles. 

(Image via Double or Nothing. )


  1. gorgeous photo!! :) wish i had plans for the weekends but mostly i'll go to the street market those days and i'll never skip the chance to get a fresh orange juice and the seasonal fruits :P now pitahayas are in season!! :P
    have a great week!