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Spring Hair

posted on: March 22, 2016

This winter, I abruptly cut my hair. Twice. Over my bathroom sink. Since the cut, I'm not sure what or why, but I haven't worn it out much. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with winter's shift and life's demands, and part of it has to do with getting more comfortable with shorter hair.

After a few weeks of not doing much to it, I canceled all plans and had myself a good wash day, here's how it went...

If you're unfamiliar with wash days, it's a day us natural girls like to carve out for washing, conditioning, and styling our hair. In my personal experience, I could get a good wash and style done at night, but it's more pleasant putting a day aside. 

Here's how my first wash day of spring went :
 10:00 am - shower and condition
 10:30 am - finger detangle and let air dry. 
 11:00 am - Part into sections and oil scalp. 

The funny part; usually after parting, I don't touch it for a few hours. I give myself a break to enjoy the day. Crazy hair and all. 

9:00 pm - moisturize lightly again
9:15 pm -  two-strand twist it while watching terrible tv. 

While I'm not obsessed with the way it turned out, it felt good to finally have my shorter hair blowing in spring's wind.  How about you, do you change your hair up for spring or summer?

P.S I'm wearing: these jeans| my loafers| similar denim jacket| my coat| my t-shirt|


  1. Hi Latonya ! Thank you for sharing. Wash days are urrrghh time-consuming ! I live how you let hair be, not so polished and defined. I am currently searching for a Light moisturizer, which one do you use ? And do you have single stands knots ? If yes, how donc you tackle them ? Thank you so much for your answers !
    A reader from Paris

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thank you for reading! right now, I find myself bouncing between miss jessies products and coconut oil and this other coconut oil based moisturizer that has more creme to it. I will have to search the name! Thank you for reading. xo

  2. How come you don't finger detangle first ? make your washing process go by much faster

    1. Hi Rhonelle!

      I do! I just didn't add, because so often my hair is already untangled and gets tangled AFTER. sucks.


  3. Peace & Blessings, I am try to read thru every piece of information that is before me I am so excited. My wash day for hair is looong, I heat up henna and add olive oil and an essential oil. Before applying the mixture, I coat my hair with coconut oil, I sleep with the product over night and next day I wash condition and oil my scalp . I normally plait my hair , later after air dry.