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A Quick Hello

posted on: March 7, 2016

Hi guys, how was your weekend? It was a little quiet here last week and I want to take a moment to apologize before hopping over to this week's post. I am still trying to find that balance and last week just felt like the kind of week to relax and hold my babies more than usual. With that said, I am  so excited to start fresh this week! It's going to be warm here in the city, and I am so looking forward to less layers.

Here is when Oak fell asleep on my chest. He is such an active and independent boy, and moments like these fill me up to the brim. Motherhood is hard at times but I wouldn't have it any other way. Whenever I get the tiniest bit of stressed this week, I will think of this hug. I'm sending it to all of you too. Lets kick some butt.


  1. I LOVE this photo! You look regal, sis! Beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful photo! Love this and those little moments!