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A Discussion On Style

posted on: February 26, 2016

I wanted to quickly share some photos from the style seminar I hosted last night! I had one of the most amazing times and a deeply inspiring discussion with a bunch of fabulous ladies. The focus was on simply "Enjoying Getting Dressed." There's so much that goes into womanhood, and I am honored to be able to discuss the importance of self-love and so much more.

Thank you Alexa for sharing your voice, Jill Lindsey for sharing your space, and all of you wonderful ladies for coming!  'Till next time!


  1. YaaY!! sounds so interesting! :) i wish i could go to that seminar! i'm wondering what's your style icon ? or your inspiration when you choose an outfit ? i'm the kind of person who dress up according to the weather (sometimes is quite warm around here..) and my mood :D

  2. That sounds like such fun. Maybe options for online viewers next time? BTW, I *love* that jumpsuit. Orange is my favorite color!