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STYLE| Lost In Chinatown

posted on: September 1, 2015

As some of you may know, I've been a personal stylist for a few years. In-between having kids, writing this blog, and trying to manage whatever else I was juggling, I've kept a few clients, and gained some new ones too. It's been a passion of mine for quite some time. 

Last winter, something changed for me. Even though I was working, I didn't have the proof I personally needed of all my work. That's the down side of being a personal stylist, it left me feeling uninspired when I needed to look back and find inspiration of my very own. 

There is so much power in having proof of your work. Not only as a source for future jobs, but for yourself. Seeing your ideas come to fruition can bring so much gratification. It's difficult to articulate it, but I'm sure you understand.

 Fall is around the corner, and I am feeling so inspired by all the beauty and optimism in the city right now. Everyone is itching for a change, whether it be in the layering of their garments or in personal crafts and creativity. The settling of the summer buzz is thick, and I am honored to call this place home.

 Photography: Peter Staubs | Model: Antia Joseph | Creative Direction + Styling: Me
In: Ace and Jig Fall 2015, Samantha Pleet Twig Shirt| Vintage Stone Fox Bride Dress and Gaucho Pants


  1. Your model Antia is just beautiful.

  2. Was just wondering, where are those lovely shoes from the 1rst picture from?