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posted on: April 17, 2015

Brass was kind enough to send me another dress to try and style, this time, it was The Pencil Dress. To be honest, I was a little concerned about how I would style a LBD in spring? But like many things, I was up for figuring it out. See, what I found out was this; a LBD goes way beyond funerals, cocktails, and corporate meetings, all of which I don't plan on attending anytime soon. This dress, was made to be worn with ease, and yes, straight up sex appeal if you dare.

A body, no matter if you're on the skinny side or curvy side like myself, is beautiful. Pieces like this pencil dress, forces you to embrace it, to love it, and rock it.

Pencil Dress c/o Brass Clothing| Sneakers- Stan Smith Adidas| Rain coat-similar here and here


  1. you're truly my inspiration..i really love your confident and definitely trying to learn from you to admire and love my own body shape.i'm a curvy girl too, but most asian are skinny..sometimes i felt fat and ugly.but everytime i went through your blog, my confident level went up again..you gave me so much strength!

    xo joselovincolors

  2. Your coat gave this look so much sass and I love how you wear it all so confidently!


  3. Adidas is such a cool, unexpected touch. Kind of brings the LBD all the way down to earth.

  4. The way you paired the jacket with the sneakers is so unexpected - and yet it works perfectly. Brilliant!

  5. Loving this style! I'm sure you may get this question loads,but what do you use for your hair color?