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Moments| 01

posted on: January 23, 2015

Here are a few moments from this year so far...

-Her fourth birthday the other week.
-My afternoon view.
- Pretty tea.
-Seven months and crawling. So very big.
-She asked for photography lessons, so they're lots of portraits from her papa. Also, lots of photos of her papa... am almost everything else she can snap a quick photo of.
-Flowers make people happy.


  1. That portrait of your daughter is beautiful!Her hair, her eyes and her smile...adorable.
    Also, those pretty yellow tea conteiners are so cute!

    Have a nice weekend! : )

  2. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful babies.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Loved seeing these moments.

  4. I adore the shot of the baby crawling. Beautiful pics!

  5. These photographs inspire me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments of your family's life!