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Natural Hair Diary| Two-Strand Twist Out

posted on: December 2, 2014

A two-strand twist out is my go-to style for my natural hair. More often than not, the style gives me an opportunity to have a fuss free morning when I need to great the day. More importantly, this style is a style that I feel absolutely comfortable in and comfortable creating time and time again.

Initially, the time it took to create this style was something I ran away from. The "dreaded wash day" as they say. I've actually cut my styling time in half, and now it's a baby nap project. Crazy right?

You can read my tutorial on A Beautiful Mess if you're interested in learning how to create this look yourself.


  1. Gorgeous! Loving the lip color too!

  2. You look gorgeous, and that lip color... Beautiful!!!!

  3. i like your hair're pretty the way you're..inspiration!

    xo joselovincolors

  4. Very pretty! I also love the lipstick color on you :)

  5. I agree! The two-strand twist out is EVERYTHING and yours is awesome =)