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Apple Picking

posted on: October 20, 2014

Last week we packed the kids, some snacks, and took a quick road trip out of the city to New Jersey. We happened upon the sweetest and most intriguing family friendly farm. River spent last month learning all about apples in her little preschool, and came reciting apple facts almost every day. She seemed fascinated by them, and even made applesauce in class one day.

This school year in particular we are taking advantage of doing things as a family during the week. Next year River will be in "real school" or "big kid school" as she likes to call it, and I know these day dates where we are met with fairly no crowds, and can enjoy things as a family in the middle of the week are coming to an end. Our day was so beautiful and delicious, and it truly was a day of retreat.

Here are a bunch of photos we took that day.

They're mine, I can't believe it sometimes!

More pictures after the break


  1. Love these photos!!! Great colors. Beautiful family :)

  2. These pictures are breath taking. What awesome memories for you all!

    1. Thank you Eve, it was such a fantastic day!

  3. wonderful pictures!! apple picking seem fun with kids and babies..enjoy your day!

    xo josephine c.

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  5. Beautiful pictures of you, and of course your darling children. You just have IT.

  6. I LOVE your backpack and have been looking for something like that for a diaper bag. Would you mind sharing the source?
    Thank you!