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STYLE| Light Layering

posted on: September 30, 2014

I spent most of last week and the week before tunneling through our closets and packing unwanted shoes and clothes in bags to donate. One by one Peter hauled each bag out to the car for donation, and I felt inspired to bring fall and winter in with a bang. And without fail, NYC decided that right around the time the People's Climate March would take place, it would remind us why everyone was marching in the first place. It worked, well played weather.

Despite my eagerness to throw on a chunky sweater, I've pressed the pause button, and I'm layering lightly for this mid 70s to low 80s weather. My outfit may seem as confused as the weather, but it was terribly comfortable on what was a rather warm day.

Dress- Hatch (similar)| Men's Shirt- H&M| Boots- Yosi Samra | Earrings & Ring-Vintage

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  1. those boots are rad! you look effortless, comfortable and happy as always! xx Ly

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 That dress is amazing on you, and the color is such a cool tone! I've packed so many clothes to donate but I can't get it out the house! Haha I feel like it's a neve ending thing!

    1. Haha just dedicate one morning to it, it will feel so good!