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Style| Denim Combinations

posted on: September 23, 2014

A perfect fall day in the city consists of my favorite jeans and my favorite denim jacket. Both of which feel fantastic with my new favorite clogs. This look is a total momiform comfort look, and it's pretty much me as of right now.

If you're still yearning for some height while you're on mama duty, I can't recommend a clog enough. It's brilliantly well made and ridiculously comfortable, all the while making you feel like you're living out your pr-mama glory days.

Jeans- Urban| Clogs- c/o Swedish Hasbeens| Denim Jacket- Vintage| T-Shirt- Members Only


  1. Cute! Love those clogs!

  2. Looove your shoes!

  3. love your fashion!! those clogs matched perfectly with your outfits..so chic!! you're quite an inspirations to me..but you know what? if i wear those jean,my mum will start nagging..she will thought too much holes..haha..but i still love it

    xo josephine c.

    1. hahaha your mom is right! I think I am for sure bordering the too much for a mom line. ;)