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posted on: August 4, 2014

This week I have my first postpartum check-up and I'm mostly excited to get the okay to work out once again! I've never been so pumped to get moving even more and drop some lbs.  Frequently on Instagram I'll get comments in regards to my post baby weight and how I've lost a lot. Pictures can be deceiving, and a lot of it has to do with the clothes that I wear, though most of the baby belly is gone. When it comes to postpartum weight etc, it's all about how you feel and how you "wear" the weight. I know I will feel better back at my normal weight. But I do like that styling my current weight is a journey all on its own, and it gives me even more confidence to help my clients of different weight ranges, as I've been in a few myself. ;) Three pregnancies relatively close can do a lot to your body, and I'm proud of what I've got, but goodness, a good morning run will feel amazing. In the meantime, here's a style post; have a great week!

Headwrap-Gift| Top- Thrifted| Jeans- Maternity| Clogs- Lotta From Stockholm| Rings- Vintage| Watch- Michael Kors| Necklace- Brooklyn Charm  


  1. You always look amazing, Latonya! But yes! Morning runs are fabulous! BTW, I love the shoes!!

    courtney from barefoot in blue jeans

  2. you're right, seems that you DO love to style in all weights, and you look GREAT in all of them! anyone can style a rail thin body, but you show how you can do it on many sizes! I. just. love. it.

  3. What a fantastic attitude you have! Just discovered your blog and loving your sense of style. Keep up the good work.