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25| Taking Stock

posted on: July 15, 2014

Today is my birthday! I am twenty-five, and with it comes a legit stamp of adulthood. It's weird, but twenty-five feels like my first milestone birthday, even though I don't feel like celebrating it much. I look around, and there is just so much to celebrate and be thankful for everyday. Twenty-four was about growing and learning, and really it was my best year in terms of that. I think twenty-five will be a great one!

Making: lots of milk. I'm like a faucet honestly.
Cooking: lots of salads
Drinking: lots of water
Reading: the new Lucky magazine with Solange on the cover.
Wanting: more hours in the day
Looking: at Oak and River. River has grown into such a mature little lady.
Playing: hide and seek throughout our apartment. There aren't many spots, but it's pretty funny.
Wasting: time staring out the window and thinking.
Wishing: that I could remember every moment of everyday
Enjoying: a coffee
Waiting: on my body to fully heal from labor
Liking: that River says she loves Oak every morning. She then follows the love with a few kisses and too many squeezes.
Wondering: when can I go to the hair salon today? This mop is ready!
Loving: the quiet moments
Hoping: to think less and cuddle more
Marveling: at how I could love two kids this much, it's amazing
Needing: more food. nursing problems
Smelling: the sweet neck of a newborn, there's nothing better.
Wearing: glorified sweatpants.
Following: my heart, always.
Noticing: my husband's strength.
Knowing: we all have bad days.
Thinking: about how life has a way of working.
Feeling: loved to the max.
Bookmarking: nothing. I wish
Opening: clean laundry, it just keeps on coming.
Giggling: when River and Peter sing and dance in the living room, they're such a pair.
Feeling: strong and loved.


  1. Perfect! I totally get all of this! My last birthday I turned 25 and for me it was my official stamp of adulthood. Even though I'm a wife and mother, turning 25 made me feel as if I had official grown woman status... Silly but true.


  2. Happy birthday! Your outlook on life is so inspirational to me. Thank you for always keeping it real and ending on a sweet note.

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Latonya!

  4. Happy birthday! I enjoy these kinds of posts. One thing I loved about bringing home a new baby (I have 3) is seeing how the older sibling all of a sudden matures and steps into a new role. And yes, it is amazing how much love you can have for all your children. Hope you continue to have a healthy recovery!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday to a special person whose outer beauty is only over-shadowed by her inner beauty.....

  7. Happy Birthday!! You are such an inspiration and have so much wisdom for someone of only 25! Totally loved every word of this post x

  8. happy birthday,my dear!! you're so young!! i definitely loving this age but times can't turn me back to 25 again..enjoy your special day to the fullest!! xo josephine c.

  9. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!