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posted on: June 11, 2014

The other day I went to get dressed and attempted to style a floral skirt and thought "who am I kidding?" 40 weeks in the heat of New York City is hilarious. Most days, when it's too warm I don't bother going out. 80 degrees to some feels like 100 degrees to someone carrying what I'm carrying around. But then there are the days where it just rains all-day-long, and those are my favorite. Coming in at a close second are the days after the rain. They aren't too warm, and allows me to throw on anything without thinking about the heat. This day in particular, my body was screaming for a pair of leggings. I had walked a lot the day prior and my legs just wanted to be hugged. You probably already know that leggings are perfect for that sort of thing. I paired the errand look with comfortable sneakers and a few accessories. Hats, bracelets, and even lipstick go such a long way during these last few days of waiting around with swollen feet and tired legs.

Top-thrifted| Leggings- H&M| Sneakers- Saucony| Hat-Vintage| Cuff- Vintage| Bag- Vintage {family piece}| Necklace- Brooklyn Charm


  1. You look just beautifull! Great blog <3

  2. You make pregnancy look absolutely beautiful!

  3. I feel ya! I'm in leggings at this point. Due this Monday, June 16 and will be thinking of you too...

  4. Beautiful you. That vintage cuff is the stuff of dreams!

  5. leggings are just kind of perfect, especially when you live in the mid-atlantic area during the summer, and most especially when you are pregnant. I love how you made this look chic, while still being comfy... and totally able to run after a little one if you need to!