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posted on: April 25, 2014

River: As you grow you refuse to let us call you our baby, you refuse to be cuddled in the middle of the day (only at night with the lights are out), and you refuse to be okay'd-you're a conversationalist like your parents. ;) We love all theses things about your lady like spirit, but I sure do miss the days of cuddling and nodding at your every word. Every day you change a little more and I can't wait to see what kind of person you become my love. 

Baby Boy: Yesterday, we got to see your face, see your hair (hair! both River and I were bald babies), and find out how much you weigh approximately.  Only a month left my darling, you have amazed us with your strength, and how much you've drawn us closer together as a family already. 


  1. What a sweet little top knot your daughter has! New to your blog, but addicted already :). Happy weekend, Annie from Brimful.

  2. What a sweet little face she has!!

  3. I just start following you, i cannot wait to see pictures of the new baby. Is your daughter excited about becoming a big sister ?