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A trend to try

posted on: March 12, 2014

Right now it's all about the blues. The light, airy, minimal, no-fuss, and dreamy blues. You all probably know by now that I am not a "simple" girl. But, as a stylist I do know that lately there is an influx of a more kinfolk, airy, and simple look amongst women right now. I adore this look, but I fully believe in translating any and all looks and trends into your own. I think to speak powerfully on a style platform, you sort-of have to own your look, whatever that may be. And to actually own a look, it doesn't mean purchasing whatever you find on your feed, or whatever you find on the latest boutique racks. To actually own a look, it means to style it and to adapt it to your own personal life and style (add a few different pieces, add a pop of color, wear an unexpected accessory) and wear it as your own.

I think the blue trend is a trend that forces you to make it your own. You can not necessarily just buy something blue and something else blue and... voila! It has to be layered correctly, the colors have to be just the right off shades, and the fit has to be just right.

Will you give this trend a try?


  1. loving that shirt, great find!


  2. Adorable! The shirt and dress, wow, and the first style, shirt, skirt and hat!

  3. yes! to own a look means to have confidence and ease in what you wear. trends are a good source of inspiration c&o add dimension to your own personal style. these blues are dreamy and take my mind to the sunny warm days ahead!