What To Wear For A Long Weekend...

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posted on: February 19, 2014

Denim Jacket- Thrifted| Black Turtleneck- Target| Cross Bag- Thrifted| Pants- Uniqlo| Waist shirt-H&M Men| Snow Boots- Sorel| Earrings- Gifted| Baseball Cap- Peter's "on set' hat

Reality is, snow boots are a must for a pregnant mama in this NYC snow. These Sorel's are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. And speaking of comfort, can we take a moment to marvel at the comfort of a baseball cap as well? The days and weeks that the snow chooses to fall and fall, I will be living in this baseball cap. Can you believe it's been years since I've worn one? Years. Pairing a simple gray cap with comfortable mix-matched patterns and a bright lip made an average day in the snow an exciting one. 


  1. super cute! just think.. you'll soon be calling your blog 'old, new and the wee ones too'.. yes!!

  2. You're adorable. Your style is always spot on!