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Street style

posted on: September 27, 2013

I believe in the power to mix match. Making patterns, textures, trends, and beyond your own. I believe in your style, being yours. And fashion being something that can be taken humorously or seriously-it's all up to you. 

Pretty lady I met at the Brooklyn Flee
(If you know her, feel free to email me or comment. I misplaced her card ;()

Have a happy weekend friends, and don't forget to pledge if you have a minute!


  1. I love that we have the ability to express ourselves through fashion. Believing in your own style is a vote of confidence. When I see people such as the pretty lady above doing her own thing, it inspires me to follow my own fashion desires. Love her bag and her crazy socks. She looks cool.

  2. Love the socks!


  3. Did you find her? Her name is Chermelle Edwards. FInd more about her here: http://smdlr.com/