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posted on: September 17, 2013

Lets take a moment to realize how I am totally doing the teenager thing in this post right here. Somehow, when my hair is twisted I go back to high school days. I kind of like it. How do you feel about it?

And, for those who have asked how I "keep up" with my hair. I don't really. I try, but I'm not the best, or good really. Hence, I don't like to dish out advice on hair stuff that often. I am lazy when it comes to hair. And I guess in many other ways I am lazy too. Like I don't like applying make up. I love the way it looks, but if I could pull off not wearing it most days I would. So, right here you have a combo of both. Not doing much with my hair, and no makeup really. Bright lips, with a pair of bright trousers are enough for me sometimes.

Oh, back to my hair, so every three-five days I have to twist it. This consistence of me washing or co-washing it depending on how moisturized my hair is to begin with, some natural hair products, and a good hour of me parting, and twisting. It is neither cute nor fun, but it helps keep my hair healthy. And that matters most to me. On those super lazy days, I just throw on a hat exposing only a little bit of my twists. It works.

This is what I wore: husband's shirt, vintage cardigan, Anthropologie trousers, thrifted Jeffrey Campbell  oxfords, a vintage purse, vintage men's hat, and vintage rings. 

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  1. There is a really... hmmm... is it vintage Molly Ringwald you have going there? Like Pretty in Pink, but something that goes with Yellow. ;) Your hair is way cool. Mine? booooring.


  2. You look beautiful! I'm loving the outfit!!


  3. Okay you are adorable! Seriously... loving that bag and the sweater! and my goodness I can't get over your lip color! I didn't even notice the fact that you have little makeup on... your lips are amazing! (If that isn't creepy enough for you, sorry!!)

    Just Dawnelle

  4. It has to be the best day ever finding those perfect oxfords.

  5. OMG I love this! so cute! I also love the lip color, what is it? Its goes so perfectly with your outfit.
    Ms Dee Kay