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Wednesday at the zoo.

posted on: August 15, 2013

 ^^ My beautiful sister^^

On Wednesday, my sister, her best friend and I (plus our kiddos) headed up to the Bronx for a zoo day. The Bronx zoo is the best zoo in the city, but on free days (Wednesdays) it can get a little packed. We still enjoyed our time catching up and showing the kids all the animals. We snacked on a huge bucket of salty and buttery popcorn and sipped on soda (a first for all of us in a long time) and water. The weather was perfect. It's been feeling much like fall around here, and I can't lie, I like it alot. It was simply a great day trip.

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  1. I love the bronx zoo it's such a magical place to take children. Your outfit is AMAZING.

  2. I grew up in NE Pennsylvania and for whatever reason never made it to the Bronx Zoo but always wanted to go. These are lovely photos and it's pretty awesome your sister was able to go with! Looks like everyone had a nice time!


  3. Looks like a good ol' fashioned time at the zoo! Can't believe the mild weather you guys are having! Send some of that down here to VA. Baby girl is getting big and is supper cute! Can't wait to take my little one to the zoo! Love your blog!