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A dough field trip

posted on: July 29, 2013

On Saturday after sleeping in a bit, we rolled over, showered, and took a little walk to "Dough" in Bedstuy Brooklyn. Our new home has so many benefits it's pretty insane. We get the quick trips to Manhattan, but we also have so much deep rooted culture in the palm of our hands, and some delicious doughnuts too. We're kind of spoiled. ;)

Ever since having a donut from Dough at the flee a while ago I have been meaning to go in.

We were all starving by the time we started our little walk to Dough, but it was so worth it! The donuts are indeed dough-y, which is perfect for kids. There is nothing worse than a super sweet donut for a toddler, right? The icing was perfect, not at all overwhelming, just right.

My weight loss plan can't handle a frequent visit to Dough, but on my "off" days/weeks, I'll be sure to visit again.


  1. I found your blog from American Blogger. I just wanted to drop a note about how stunning your daughter is. She is jut beautiful!

  2. These doughnuts look INCREDIBLE.

  3. And now I want donuts.

    And I have to figure out how to find donuts as amazing as those. Dangit.

  4. You have the most gorgeous family! And they definitely look like they enjoyed those donuts :).

  5. That toasted coconut doughnut looks soooo good! You're making me drool over here :)

  6. That looks incredible and I love the name of the donut store so appropriate!!