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A day in DUMBO

posted on: June 18, 2013

A photo dump of beautiful pictures, on a beautiful day, spent with a beautiful friend, and our beautiful        babies!

You've been warned. 

^^She wasn't smothering him, she was caring for him. Promise. 
Belle, thanks for letting us love up on sweet baby Lou. And River, soon enough sweet girl, soon enough ^^

You know a relationship is built to last when everyone unintentionally shows up in red and white stripes. Cosmic. 

New best friends, it's probably the cutest thing ever. Wait, it is the cutest thing ever. 


  1. Love these photos- yours and Belle's blogs are my favorite New york blogs, infact the only ones I read:) Didn't realise you and your hubby were so young- your husband is the same age as mine, no kids yet though.. Your blog is the perfect guide to the city:)

  2. So cute! I adore her sailor dress!


  3. I love how the girls have matching outfits as well, so great!

  4. All the red and white stripes are so, so darling. You both have such beautiful children!

  5. Carey, thank you for reading and your sweet words. Sorry I can't reply directly. :)