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posted on: April 22, 2013

I find it odd that up until recently I never really understood the measure of man. Well, if I were to take a few moments to talk about my child hood, it wouldn’t be that odd. Growing up with a single mother taught me many great things. My aspirations and constant drive just to name a few. There was no way to really understand how profound a father would’ve been.

With me being mostly confined to our home these days, Peter has taken the reigns on provider, housekeeper, friend, confidant, all “usual” mom duties and child entertainment. He takes on this new role so gracefully and I am constantly in awe of his inner strength. With the sweetest and kindest eyes he asks for nothing.

I have found myself in a few tears lately about this man.Seeing him active as a father as I sit and observe makes my heart jump. When the eye crust has not yet fallen from River's face and the sun isn’t quite up, but she’s found herself stumbling into our bed calling his name-he is calm. Despite a tired body and mind most of the day, he always responds with his whole heart.

Today a childhood family friend passed away. He had two little kids. My heart hurts for those kids, the kids who won’t understand where their father has gone, but will only understand that he is no longer there. Today, I looked at my man, the one who came in the door with a cherry beet face and the biggest smile hand in hand with our daughter, and I find his role immeasurable. He’s the man in my life and in hers and I don’t know what we’d do without him. I’ll be holding him extra close tonight.

P.S thank you all for your sweet comments and emails regarding the baby. It means the world to us. 


  1. So beautiful, LaTonya. As someone who lost a parent at a very young age myself, my heart hurts for your family friends. May many blessings come their way.

    And much beauty and love to your little brood too.

  2. this is such a wonderful post. I've lost a lot of very close people to me recently and sometimes things don't make sense. my heart goes out to your friend's family.

    it's wonderful to know that your husband is so supportive. I hope one day when I have children my husband is the same way!

  3. That is beautiful. You have yourself a good man -- not everyone can say that.

    Man blessings to you and your growing family!

  4. Such a beautiful post. I somehow missed your last post where you mentioned having some issues with your tiny babe. I'm praying for you guys and hope that everything is ok. Love from TX!