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What Mama wears

posted on: January 30, 2013

Mama is wearing: Strawberry's Denim Shirt, J.Crew sweater, American Apparel skinny jeans, Vintage bag (my grandmother's), Sorel snow boots, Vintage earrings, Wooden Ships hat

The narcisist in me wants you all to know how much I love these photos. The end. 

Seriously, my husband is amazing for always capturing me in- what I feel is- true form. ;) 
The colors, the beautiful snow flakes... this day was magical.  


  1. I love this outfit! You look great!
    Love, Emilie

  2. I absolutely adore the colors here - so bright and cheerful! I love the button detailing on sweater shoulders.

  3. You KNOW how to wear color. Brilliant! And the denim under the orange is such a great layering combo. So So perfect!