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What Mama Wears

posted on: January 16, 2013

If I had to pick a color I feel looks best on me it would be orange. In person my skin has a little orange tint to it. I can happily thank my Native American grandmother and a good cheekbone bronzer for that.

Lately I've been a bit under the weather. Not totally sick..just not 100% myself. I have also made some tiny changes. Change is always good.  Anyway, orange always signifies change for me. And well no better time to wear orange. 

2013 is looking like a good year already.

Mama is wearing: Hat:vintage, earrings:top shop, scarf:wooden ships, jacket:h&m, cardigan:thrifted, cashmere:brochu walker, pants: h&m, sneaker wedges: aldo, bag:vintage 


  1. Super cute! I'm jealous that you have weather that requires you to bundle up in!!