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Over the weekend

posted on: January 7, 2013

 ^^^literally had to pull her away from that sweet phone^^

With January and February being slower months in the freelance world for Peter, everyday pretty much feels like a weekend. It's sort of spoiling me. ;) To break out of my spoiled wife funk, I invited my sister and her son, and my other nephew (from my oldest brother) to visit the Transit Museum with us on Friday.

The Transit Museum is in Brooklyn and is located in an actual train station that no longer runs. It was great to look back and try (who am I kidding? with three kids it was almost impossible) to learn about that silver bullet that takes me to and from day after day. As always  it was wonderful to get away and be out and about with my best friend aka my sister, River, and my nephews.

For me, day trips make New York in the winter. Anywhere indoors, warm, and toddler friendly is good in my book.

Here here to day trips!
And naps after day trips!!
We are big fans of those too. ;)


  1. Hej,
    I found your blog yesterday through the sling diaries facebook page and I have to say I´m already in love with it!! Also, your style is amazing and very inspiring!

    Greetings from Sweden, have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Chrissie!
    Thank you for reading!!


  3. sounds like a great day! when i visited new york i fell in love! hoping to spend more time there! love your blog & your little one is so adorable.