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Day 3 on Tea

posted on: January 23, 2013

It's actually day four but day three sounded so much better, and well speaking honestly this blog post was written on day three. Carry on.

So this anti-coffee journey started pretty randomly. I didn't plan on cutting coffee out of my life like an ex who picked his nose on the first date. That happens. And just like that - my coffee free days also happened. As most of my coffee snob friends decided to bring more fancy coffee in this new year I decided to cut back just one cup a day. So from two to one I went . Admittedly it was all pretty difficult, and by one c'clock (my usual second coffee time) I was crashing hard core. With River usually napping from 1-3 it was really/almost impossible to avoid that calming hot cup of coffee.

So there went three days, five days, a whole week of unsuccessful coffee cutting.

Then one day...I simply forgot to drink my morning coffee. Then I forgot to drink my afternoon cup. I don't know if it was the chores that kept me busy, or the invigorating feeling of energy sans caffeine..but I felt great.

When day two rolled around, trying another day without coffee just seemed right. Plus we had a plethora of teas that were gifted to us that I have been excited to try.

So here we are, day three (eh hem day four) and two cups of tea with just a little sugar has been doing the trick. I still get the slight caffeine rush I need to get my day jump started, but I don't get that crash. And ughh..my friends, a day without a coffee crash is a good day. Can I get an amen?!

I've already gotten some great tea ideas from friends, but if you want to share some homemade goodness please share.


  1. i was never a huge coffee drinker, but i still had the feeling i drank too much of it. my favourite way to start my days now is nice ceylon tea, with a bit of soymilk and a tiny spoon honey. it's great; but it still has caffeine in it, if you want to cut that. http://www.yogitea.eu/en/products/details/womens-balance/
    this one is amazing, if you can get it in the us, take it and try it. it's soo good.

  2. Ugh! I so badly want to quit coffee and I keep trying. Oddly enough I didn't start drinking coffee until I was almost 29...I should have never started but it is soooo good, especially lattes. My brother told me drink a cup of black tea in the morning and then green tea all afternoon and that should do a good job of keeping you awake and doesn't make you jittery like coffee. You have inspired me to give it another shot! Tomorrow morning....Earl Grey! :)


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