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Dream Job

posted on: November 20, 2012

So I think today has to be a day that goes down in LaTonya history. I have finally launched the shop! It feels like it's taken forever.

Baby and Toddler stuff went up yesterday and adults will be up today. It will be updated weekly. The prices are inexpensive but the pieces are amazing. As I've said before this is something that I've been wanting to do for a while now, and I feel so lucky that it's up...even if nothing sells. It feels darn good.

Last night I actually took a breath and realized how many things I've been juggling and how content I am doing so. My first and most important job will always be to remain the best mommy for that sweet girl I have (goodness, I love her so much). That will never change. But it's been quite gratifying fulfilling my own career goals and still being the same mommy I've always been. My company just picked up another client, that I will be styling to sing the national anthem for the Knicks game on Sunday, and truthfully, my heart is the happiest right now. I just feel so blessed all around.

I would love for you to go over and click on the shop link to the right if you have a chance. Your support means the world to me. And while you are at it, what is your dream job? Do you think it's possible to have steady income but also do what you love?


  1. Hoorah! Am I missing the link? How can we check it out?
    I'm especially excited for the kiddo clothes.

    My dream job is my job--teaching English to at-risk students. :)

  2. Hi Mar,
    it is right under my little blurb about myself. It says Old, New, and the wee one too shop!

    Thanks for checking it out!!

    1. Awesome, thanks! (All of this Thanksgiving travel has me reading more on the tiny phone so I missed it at first.). Have a wonderful break with your family!

  3. So so excited for you, LaTonya! Congrats! I love that you are happy and fulfilled even from just launching your shop!

    My dream job would be to open my own cabaret hall/creative arts venue with an art gallery, dance studio and open air stage, and a little cafe serving amazing coffee and delicious baked treats attached! It's a (BIG) dream at the moment but I'm determined to make it a reality in this lifetime!

    BTW I don't think you need to worry about things not selling - I just checked it out and everything looks D.I.V.I.N.E! Now I just need to work on a wee one of my own to dress in your lovely little threads! :D

    Sar x

  4. Huzzah to all your successes! A few months ago I decided to make a personal dream of mine come true and ever since the ball started rolling things are just getting better and better. It's all just so... fulfilling. To be doing the mama thing and the personal thing- the best.

  5. Sarah,
    You are so sweet! Thank you for sharing your dream!


  6. Julie,
    Exactly how i feel! Congrats to you girl!!

  7. Congrats on your dream. Dream seeking takes guts! Also had a LOL at the software title. If u have the cartel backing you, well... Best of luck with your biz. ; )