What To Wear For A Long Weekend...

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What Mama Wears

posted on: September 12, 2012

Let's just take a moment to soak up this beautiful weather shall we? It's chilly here in New York and I'm loving it. One more thing you should know about me: any excuse to throw on a denim shirt, I'll take it.

P.S, I've been smiling pretty obnoxiously lately-all.the.time. Besides little flubs I've made at work and constantly playing catch-up in school everything is going smoothly (knock on wood). I'm learning a lot about myself and my needs lately too. Speaking of needs, I think it's time for a family vacation.


  1. cute! where is brooklyn charm?!

  2. I probably always tell you you're so pretty when I visit your blog, but geez! LOL

  3. Thanks so much:) Brooklyn Charm is in Williamsburg on N9th between Bedford and Driggs.