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What mama wears

posted on: August 1, 2012

Nothing fancy. Sometimes it's just too hot to care. So something simple, casual, and most importantly fun..oh, with just a little bit of some comfy height will do for this mama. I seem to be having a lot of days like this lately.

Happy August to you! Where has summer gone?


  1. You are so cute! I love this outfit! The summer has disappeared before my eyes, it's crazy!

  2. Thank you. It has. Kinda makes me a bit sad. I'm crashing all of our summer activities into August. So crossing fingers!


  3. What a great look! You found such a fun backdrop too ;).

  4. Ha ha ha oh my goodness I love these photos. Sometimes it really just is more fun to wear your food than eat it! Your daughter is absolutely adorable. x

  5. great outfit, you look amazing on the 4th picture!

  6. Thanks! guys! And yes, food gets worn more times than not. ;)