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Over the weekend {A family visit to the beach}

posted on: August 6, 2012


Have an amazing week!

Footnote: Select settings, then select 720 to see this video in HD


  1. Well, that was lovely...just what I needed...a Beatles song to make my heart full, remembering my family and our experiences...love...at the same time enjoying YOUR family and delightful beach antics! You've got me smiling sweetly and wishing for more! Play it again! Great work Peter, LaTonya and River!

  2. This is cute, I love how this is posted to the song and it's so vintage-y. Especially some of the things you do. :)

    Reminds me of Hawaii (here) Even though this isn't.

  3. oh my that just made my morning :) you have such a sweet family and it makes me want to start my own. well time will tell. wish you a great weekend!