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A glimpse into our lives lately

posted on: August 15, 2012

Our lives, mostly hers, looks a lot like this lately. 
*River has been spending many mornings with her papa exploring. Most moments he captures, and for him, the excitement is pretty unbearable.. What she does, how she plays, how she talks, it all feels so "new" to him each time she does something, despite it not being new to him. Their bond is something I can't touch and I love that. She's growing, and their love for one another is also growing. 
It's pretty magical to watch. 


  1. The bond between a daughter and father is so special. River is so lucky to have such an amazing Papa and Mama (from who she got some good looks;).
    Much love,

  2. That is definitely magical. I love that she's getting loved, beautiful!

  3. That's so sweet that they are close. What an amazing bond. I wish I had that with my dad.