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Year 2!

posted on: July 31, 2012

Today will be a good day. I feel like it will be a big "you two are some responsible people" kind of good day. See today we sign the second year lease to our apartment. This is the FIRST place we've ever signed a second year lease to as a couple! I am quite proud of us, and quite proud of our apartment too. Everyday we add to it in love and in design. It feels so much like home and it's felt like this ever since the day we've moved in. Our landlords (goodness, that feels weird. We are all first name basis kind of people) who live downstairs, are the best landlords ever. They practically beg me for River at least twice a week, and River always walks to their door and knock upon entering the front door. They cook for us, talk with us, and it feels like one big family. They have also been a great daily inspiration on a healthy marriage, and for that I'm thankful. Today, I feel so lucky. I complain about little things here and there, but I couldn't imagine a better living situation than this. I love our home.


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  2. It may be a bit late but happy 2nd anniversary to your apartment, Yvette! ^_^ Well, everyone should be proud to have an apartment like yours. It seems very comfy and inviting. And the windows are stunning! It would feel quite relaxing to read a book or do some arts and craft beside that lovely window!

    Marla Hinds