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Summer days

posted on: July 26, 2012

The days of summer seem long, with endless oppurtunities. The weeks, well, they seem short. I never seem to know whether it's Monday or Thursday, and sometimes that bothers me, most times not. I like waking up looking at the weather, packing a lunch box for the whole day, and making impromptu play dates with old friends and new. Knowing that stroller naps are a "norm" with us, and a diaper can be changed anywhere, and there's plenty of food and coffee to be devoured all over the city, aids in our explorations. Also, the realization, that time is fleeting, and the seasons are bound to change, makes us enjoy this summer even more.


  1. Ha ha I used to feel guilty about stroller naps but alas, for city kids a good sleep can be had anywhere right? Just found you via Petite Biet. Loving your blog and your beautiful family. P.S. Gotta love van leeuwen!

  2. Thanks Kristin! Stroller naps, gets us through the summer days!


  3. You totally put into words how I feel about the last few weeks of summer. I know that soon it will be wet and cold and I'll regret any afternoons we didn't go out. Savoring these days!