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GUEST POST {Boys of Summer. By Valerie Soles}

posted on: July 4, 2012

Because it is officially summer and the task of dressing a toddler boy in anything at all (let alone fashionably) has become even trickier, I thought it might be nice to recap some of my favorite spring and summer outfits for wee dudes. As a mother of a son, I sometimes get teased for dressing him "like (my) doll", which I think is a bit unfair. Why should the girls have all the fun? Looking sharp is for everyone.

For early morning stoop sitting:

  • Sweatshirt from Trico Field (where all of his clothes would come from, if I were a millionaire), bought secondhand at Clementine Consignment
  • T shirt from Atsuyo et Akiko, purchased from a posh Williamsburg mama's stash of outgrowns
  • Makie shorts (size 12-18 months, still fit and in great shape at 3 years!)
  • Crewcuts socks
  • Bear Feet shoes, scored cheap on Ebay

Hanging out in East River State Park:

  • Favorite engineer hat, from one of our first Transit Museum visit
  • Bobo Choses Mehari t shirt
  • Mor Mor Rita sailor jeans, purchased sechondhand
  • Bear Feet woven toe sandals, purchased on Ebay

Tagging park property: 
  • That engineer hat goes with everything
  • Mama-made hippie tunic top in a vintage car print
  • Mama-made shorts
  • Ubiquitous Saltwater sandals
That was fun. I'm looking forward to fall, when putting clothes on him is (hopefully) fun again. In the meantime, see you 'round the sprinklers!

Valerie from Lovelier Seas


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