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The diet of a picky eater

posted on: July 10, 2012

It's a funny thing, feeding another person and all. Pre-pregnancy I would totally skip breakfast. It didn't seem like a bad thing, and to be honest, I always felt great. Of course it was never done purposely, but in the midst of working ( a lot) and going to school (barely) food just fit in whenever it could. Now, I find myself making sure every meal is balanced and healthy. We eat mostly organic, and since I haven't touched a piece of beef or pork for about eight years, you'll rarely see any fatty foods 'round here. I love the feeling of cooking, and knowing every single ingredient that is going into River Mae's tummy. I also love knowing that I know this wee one so well, that the fact that she's such a picky eater doesn't bother me one bit.


  1. I love posts like this. Keep them coming.

  2. Thanks, i love taking pictures of her food. Sorry if the text is a bit small. Still working out some Photoshop kinks.

  3. Your pictures look great! I don't even have photoshop so to me, you are working wonders!