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A leap

posted on: June 21, 2012

Today's blog was supposed to be different. I rounded up the cutest mama and daughter outfits from Etsy, and I was so excited to share it with you all. After editing last night, I realized something heavy was on my mind. I couldn't write my Etsy post, without feeling like I wasn't being truthful. See, starting June 30th, Peter will be a full-time freelancer! We are both very excited, but of course this change comes with tons of nervousness (from my end). Ideally, our decision was supposed to be a six month transition, where we not only would save but also discuss more details. Of course nothing goes as planned, and last Monday Peter's job made him choose, and of course as a family we chose freelancing.  Granted, our July income will be doubled, he is booked for most of the summer, and we have given ourselves enough cushion for those not so good months, but I am still a little overwhelmed. Ever since I met Peter this has been his dream. I am so happy, that at 26 he gets to live it. We are going away for four days to attend a country wedding, and visit Peter's parents. Can you say perfect timing? So bare with me, as we take a leap, and as I take a break to gasp for air whenever I can. Part 1 and Part 2 of our wedding photos will be up here on Friday and Monday (our actual anniversary), so please come check them out, they are very near and dear to our hearts.

Feel free to check out my very talented husband's work here

*Photo taken with my iPhone yesterday at the beach.


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