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posted on: June 29, 2012

A week or so of my family's Instagram pictures

Enjoy your weekend guys! 


  1. so glad i found your blog!!! beautiful family. find me on instgram roxysworld i would to follow you

  2. You're family is so adorable! I'm also Black, married to a White guy, well half White half Mexican and we have 2 daughters. I totally understand where you're coming from when you said its amazing the love his family has for you and your daughter especially the older generations. I feel the same way about my in laws. It really makes me think...anyhoot, love the blog and your little River is just too adorable. PS, are you natural? I just became natural...big chopped. Looking for inspiration/help/support/recomends and all that other good stuff!!

  3. Thanks Roxy! I will look out for you! I am @latonyayvette

  4. Hi Mercedes! Yes, I am newly natural. I did my big chop two months ago, and i am still getting used to it, especially with the heat. I am so happy you can relate to my little family, it makes me feel like this little thing is doing something,